Gator Nitro Joint Sand is an easy ready to use polymeric sand that is mixed with resins which cure on exposure to air. Hardening from the top to the bottom of the joint, while being able to install in wet or dry weather.

Gator Nitro Joint Sand

For concrete paving stones & natural stones
For joints 3/16" (5 mm) up to 2" (5 cm)

Traditional applications
Setting time: 18 hours above 37°F (3°C)


  1. Always refer to the latest GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND Technical Data Sheet (TDS) at before installing.
  2. GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND can be installed rain or shine. Paving surface must be pre-wet before installation and must remain wet throughout the installation process or staining may occur.
  3. GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND is an extremely strong and rigid jointing material, please ensure there is ABSOLUTELY NO paver or stone movement prior to installation to prevent joint cracking.
  4. For Pedestrian Use Only, not for Vehicular Applications
  5. GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND must be installed above 37°F (3°C).
  6. Joint Width: Minimum 3/16″ (5 mm) Maximum 2″ (50 mm)
  7. Joint Depth: Minimum 1″ (25 mm) Maximum 6″ (15 cm)
  8. Working Time: Approximately 45 minutes.
  9. GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND can only be used on a drainage base application. In a non-drainage base application, GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND cannot be used.
  10. Paved surface can be used after 18 hours.
  11. Avoid power-washing for a minimum of 28 days after applying.


GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND is recommended for a variety of uses, including patios, walkways and pool decks. The pavers, natural or wet cast stones must be installed on one of the 3 drainage base systems below:

Option 1 Traditional:

  • Gator Fabric GF4.4 covering bottom and side of excavated area
  • Compacted crushed stone 0-3/4″ ( 0-20 mm) with Sand or Chip Setting Bed (ASTM No. 9)
  • Remove bedding layer, install Gator Edge against the paved selected surface and nailed on the compacted crushed stone

Option 2 Open graded / Permeable:

N.B. GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND could be installed only 90 minutes after Gator XTreme Edge has been applied

Option 3 Gator Base:

Installation Instructions

Designed for pedestrian use only, GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND is ready-to-use and does not require any mixing. After you have followed the REQUIRED SUB-SURFACE PREPARATION described above, you are ready to apply the GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND. Installation will be easier with two people.


  1. There is no need to protect treated joints from rain while setting. Although the presence of rain will delay the setting process. Full strength: 28 days but surface can be walked on after 18 hours. If heavy rain has occurred when the joints have been pointed, then it may be necessary to revisit the job once the weather has cleared to touch up joints.
  2. GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND can be applied when pavers, Wet cast or natural stones are installed directly on open graded aggregates that lock or choke themselves. This means the GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND will not migrate through the voids. Do not apply GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND when the pavers, Wet cast or natural stones are installed directly on aggregates with large voids.
  3. GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND becomes very firm but will detach from pavers, Wet cast or natural stones if the sub-base has excessive movement. It will also detach or crack from the pavers, Wet cast or natural stones, if they are oscillating back and forth due to improper sub-surface preparation. By following GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND installation instructions carefully, you will obtain a very hard jointing material. It should be noted that GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND will continue to harden over time. When installing pavers, wet cast or natural stones around an underground pool, a slope of 1/8 inch (3 mm) per linear foot (30 cm) away from the pool is mandatory. All pavers, wet cast or natural stone surfaces must have a drainage slope for the GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND to work at its optimum. For the pool coping blocks, it is mandatory to use mortar in the joints. For the rest of the pavers, wet cast or natural stones installation around the pool, you can use GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND.


Ensure paver surface is compacted then thoroughly wet the area to be jointed. If the surface is dry or temperature is high, more water will be required to avoid staining of the surface when spreading the GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND.


Open the bags and spread the contents over the paved surface. Wet the GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND with a hose set on shower while using a squeegee or broom to push the GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND diagonally across the paved surface and into the joints. This action compacts and forces the GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND into the joints ensuring the gaps are completely filled.


The joints should be filled 1/8″ (3 mm) below the top surface or 1/8″ (3 mm) below the paving stone chamfer with the GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND. Shower the surface to rinse off excess material from the paved surface. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the whole paving area is completed.


Any excess GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND residue left on the paved surface can be simply cleaned off by brushing and rinsing off the surface. Excess material can be stored directly in the pail with 2″ (50 mm) of water covering the GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND and closing the pail tightly. Excess product will last an extra 4 weeks when stored in this fashion.
For a nicer, smoother surface joint finish, use a suitable mason jointing tool. This process can only be done once Steps 1 to 3 are completed and the GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND is in its curing phase. Allow 18 hours of cure time before pedestrian use.
Alliance Gator offers a 5 year limited warranty on their Nitro polymeric sand. See warranty section for more information.

Before applying the product, the user/buyer must determine its suitability for intended use and user/buyer assumes all risks in that regard. It is a condition of the 5-year Limited Warranty that before using the product on the intended larger area, the user/ buyer must test the product on a small less observed area of approximately 4 sq. ft. (0.4 sq. m.) to ensure results meet user/buyer’s expectations. In the event that no test is carried out, the 5-year Limited Warranty will only apply to 4 sq. ft. (0.4 sq. m.). Alliance Designer Products Inc. cannot guarantee results as it has no control over surface preparation and product application. If this product is proven to be defective, on the condition that it was applied pursuant to the required method of application and surface preparation, the sole obligation Alliance Designer Products Inc. is to refund the purchase price. Proof of purchase is required for any claim. Alliance Designer Products Inc. shall not be liable for any other damages whatsoever, direct or consequential. To the extent permitted by law, Alliance Designer Products Inc. excludes any implied warranty of quality, merchantability or fitness for purpose.